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Food Safety

Safety First, Field to Fork

Food-Safety_1Quality has no compromise. The products you consume should be free of all physical, chemical and biological contaminations. Our food safety program spans every aspect of our supply chain, including production and distribution. We partner closely with regulatory agencies to ensure safety and compliance, communicating effectively and frequently.

Our field safety programs are designed to eliminate risks in agricultural production, and they are monitored for ongoing effectiveness with a vigorous supplier selection and verification system.

We take all steps to ensure our products are safe and secure during all phases of distribution. All products are refrigerated to ensure quality and safety, and vehicles transporting our product are locked and sealed for the duration of their transport.

Processing Plant Food Safety

Food-Safety_2Our processing facilities apply the latest global standards of food safety and quality. Using the latest technology and equipment, our goal is to ensure we only offer the highest-quality products. Our team is highly educated in effective food safety programs. We use microbiological testing to ensure the food safety and we operate under all required certifications.

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